Summertime Fun, In the Key of Pink and Messy

This week has been a trying one, to say the least, but I've got something to share for each kid:

Riley: He LOVES watermelon. I mean, like every time we go to the grocery store, he asks if watermelon is in season, and if I will buy some. Usually he eats it until he can't eat anymore, then the rest gets thrown away. Carl and Grace don't eat watermelon, and Asher and I like it, but don't eat a ton like Riley. Anyway, for a couple of days, every time Riley ate watermelon, he covered his hair in the juice. I tried everything I could to make him stop the dirtiness. I even told him sugar ants would attack him if he didn't stop putting the juice in his hair. Then finally it dawned on me that he was, "styling his hair with water(melon)." Oh my goodness... I had to explain that while watermelon has a high water content, the liquid is sugary juice, not actually H2O. I'm hoping he doesn't do it again now...

Grace: She got a new book called "Pinkalicious" from Aunt Rhiannon when we were in Oregon. Grace LOVES pink- anything pink. The little girl in the book eats so much pink that she turns pink all over. While the book is ADORABLE, using such words as "Pinkerella" and "Pinkerbell" I didn't think she would take to it so much. The story goes on to say the little girl has to go to the doctor, and eat nothing but green stuff to get rid of her pinkititis. Grace is now convinced (by no fault of mine) that she MUST eat her green vegetables to avoid turning pink. Last dinner time, she ate her green beans, and Riley's green beans too! Even better than the fact that she's eating green beans, she is such a delightful little girl :o).

Asher: He is growing into his own. Every day he surprised me with new accomplishments. Yesterday he threw trash away, picking up the trash can lid and everything. He also helps me load the washer and dryer, can climb up and down the stairs pretty well (with close supervision), closes doors that are open, and holds his own against the big kids. However, he regressed in one respect: Asher has never been a pacifier baby, but lately, he picked up the pacifier! I have to admit, it's incredibly cute- I just hope he doesn't get too attached!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Riley's styling gel is probably better for hair than those you buy! And pinky-dinky-doo; don't know what to say:) Oh, and just let Asher do the binkie thing. If he thinks you don't care, he'll loose interest. Now how do I know these things? Hmmm, that apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

Love ya'!!!

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