Happy Happy Fives, Happy Fives

So I haven't done happy fives in forever, but I'm making a comeback! There were a few pink tulips in my black and white field :o).

This week, five wonderful things that occurred in daily life:

1. I helped with a garage sale for Women's Bible Study at Creekside (the church we now attend, when Asher doens't have the chicken pox). It was nice to build community and raise money at the same time.
2. I made chocolate amish friendship bread! Yummy!
3. I realized my children won't get to see Texas fireflies in June regularly, and the happy part is, I'm okay with that.
4. We managed to make it home from vacation in Oregon in only 14 hours, even with the 2 hour traffic delay in Portland.
5. Riley and I had a long conversation about being a good influence vs. letting another child be a bad influence on him. I think he understands.


Anonymous said...

I've never known anyone to savor life quite the way you do :) You have so much substance!

trishiekoh said...
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