Top 10 for a Top 10

OK, so these are the top ten reasons I LOVE being a Mom:

10. Who doesn't want a mini-me? Exhibit A. Grace.
9. Baking is WAY more fun with an assistant!
8. Kids clothes are way cheaper than driving to the strip in Lubbock for booze.
7. Halloween candy: There's no way on earth a kid can eat all that candy... Mom to the rescue!
6. Birthday parties: Late night binge drinking parties have nothing on one of my themed birthday parties... Yes, I am that woman.
5. I love when my kids learn something new, and across their face, comes an, "OH! I get it!" look.
4. Christmas morning: Giving is WAY better than receiving!
3. Kids say the darnedest things! Like today, Riley was trying to convince me to give him cereal for dinner tonight, and he says, "Come on Mom, the blue Trix swirls have mouthwatering flavor!"
2. I'm in charge! Amusement parks are way more fun when you're an adult deciding where to go and what to do. Also, I choose the hair, the clothes the home decor... I get to play house all day long, and dress my dollies!
1. HUGS AND KISSES! How could the love of a child NOT be number 1??

And these are the top ten reasons I have to make a list to remind myself of why I love being a mom:

10. Feet dragging in the stroller! Come on- it ruins your shoes, hurts your feet, and slows us down.. Seriously? Seriously...
9. Little ears are always listening, so my language must be clean and sober. It's not always easy to do!
8. Clabbered milk sippy cups... Anyone who has ever forgotten one when it slid under the front seat of the car knows what I mean... And the price of sippy cups has steadily climbed over the past 6 years, so throwing them away isn't an option anymore.
7. Dirty hand grime is everywhere! Remote controls, Xbox 360 controllers, Doorknobs, brush handles, my macbook... You name it, I've found hand grime on it.
6. Poopy diapers. Enough said.
5. Filling our forms for EVERYTHING. I'm considering making a stamp with my address on it. Every silly form that the kids are involved in has to have a TON of repeat information. I would guess I spend about 2 hours a week on forms.
4. Dora, Dora, Dora, Diego, Kai-lan, or whoever else they come up with... Hannah Montana, and all of the other kid idols. I like iCarly though. She's cool.
3. The "Can I have" and "OOOH I want" in the grocery store... Can we just get out please??
2. "Mom can I have this (imagine random food item)" just to find it discarded half eaten ten minutes later.
1. Cleaning up messes and rooms that I didn't make dirty.


Carl Wiley said...

You're a super mom, and I love you even more for it!

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