And I have OH SO MUCH to be thankful for these days!

1. I'm going to group all of the transformation and searching I've been doing into one of my happy fives this week... I'm so thankful that I have the opportunity and support to change my life!

2. This week, we had TWO, count 'em 2!! days that didn't make triple digits! WOOHOO!

3. I turned a something that really bothered me into something good this week. A few weeks ago, an adult called Grace a "mexican monkey," which really upset me. He didn't directly say it to her, but his daughter let me know that her dad thought that- which was enough for me to go over the edge. Grace is half hispanic, but not monkey resembling in any fashion. Anyway, this week, Grace and I made monkey bread, and I let my anger and borderline hatred burn in the oven. The kids devoured the whole ring of bread in one day!

4. I talked to Carl today, after a couple of days of silence... Just reassuring to know that he's okay.

5. After a birthday party at Pump It Up this past weekend, I think I found the venue for Grace's birthday party in November. The kids can have fun without making my house a complete mess! Word.


Mels said...

Love the pic at the top :)

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