And it's not even noon yet...

So far today, I've bribed Grace into doing things she doesn't want to at least 5 times with the phrase, "If you don't, then you must not be old enough for preschool..." or some variation of it.

I've told Riley that jack should never be used as a verb, as in "I'm going to jack you up." OR "I'm going to jack your eyes." Video games much??

I've used the "oldie but goodie" phrase, "I'm not your maid, I'm your mother."

I've explained why Cinnamon toast can't be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I've pulled a barbie brush out of Asher's diaper.

I've had about seven cups of "Stirbricks" (invisible drinks from Grace) but not one REAL cup of coffee....

I've explained the difference between "family kisses" and regular kisses.

I've told a four year old that she's too young to consider marriage.

And I've told Riley to quit being an elitist. That part requires explanation.

Madilynn is a sweet girl. A sweet daycare girl, who has a big heart, and is very socially advanced for her age. However, she's just begun to learn her ABC's, makes several grammatical mistakes, probably on the level of a 2.5 year old, in that capacity. There's nothing mentally wrong with her, but we are all given gifts, and academics seem like they won't be her strong suit- but I could be wrong. Some children just take a lot longer to blossom than others.

Anyway,this is what transpired:
Maddy to Riley: I think you're cute. I want to kiss you, and I want to marry you.

Riley to Maddy: Me and my dad don't like stupid girls, so I will never marry or kiss you.

Me to Riley: It's "My dad and I," but that's an awful thing to say. Stop being an elitist. Maddy is a smart girl, but you're right about not kissing or thinking about marrying at this point.

Me to Maddy: Maddy the only boy you should give kisses is your dad (she has no brothers), and you're too young to consider marriage. That's what grown ups think about after college, and you have a long way to go until then.

Oh the joys....


Gram said...

Sounds like Uncle Cory, huh? :)

Carl said...

Let it be known that he did not get that from me :). He just knows that I married the smartest girl in the world. Yeah that's right, I married up.

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