Do you read postsecret?

My friend Mels introducted me to postsecret. It's a book full of postcards that people have sent anonymously, containing their deepest secrets. Actually there are several books, as the trend has taken hold. Every Sunday, the post secret director adds new postcards to their blog. I heart Sundays and postsecret. I've included one of the less sensitive postcards, but most of them are much deeper. It's a neat social experiment. You can see them at

Asher First Haircut (Sorry it took so long. I forgot!)



I know, I miss it too... But he's still super adorable :o).

T Minus 7 Days!

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We'll be in Texas visting Grammy (and Kiki, and Oma, and EVERYONE else). The kids are SUPER excited. I'm making a "kisses jar." I'm putting 14 chocolate kisses in it (because I have 2 kids of eating age), and I'm going to let them eat one kiss each night. When the jar is empty, it's the day we go to Grammy's to get real kisses (on the cheek of course, if you know Grammy!). Wish us luck with the changing of planes in San Diego. We only have a 30 minute layover to get from one plane to the next with 3 kids under the age of 5! Call me crazy, but I'm SUPER excited to travel with them!

You know how.....

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there are some people that always complain no matter what? The sky is blue, but it's too bright outside.... Or the meal tastes great, but it's too big. Or the dog is cute, but creates allergies. Take the girl in this picture with balloons, for example. She could go give them to some kids, and put a smile on their faces, but instead, sits and sulks. I'm REALLY glad I'm not one of those people. Just sayin'...

Plain Jane

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Today I realized that I am plain... a plain Jane, and I'm okay with that. I wear solid colors, or stripes on a funky day. My hair is cut in an A-line, just like my skirts. I don't do trends, on me or my kids. I've worn Levi's for as long as I can remember. My make up is natural. I like apple pie the most. My perfect meal is steak, mashed potatoes with gravy, and green beans. I'm not silly or frivolous, but I love being me.

Happy Fives

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Time for my happy fives!!! This one will be for the weekend, since I didn't update :o).

1. Carl and I had the kids favorite babysitter come over on Saturday afternoon for some much needed adult time. We had PF Chang, and Starbucks. YUM!
2. I made the most perfect Cherry Pie on Saturday. It was gone in one day.
3. We found the most wonderful church that we've both decided is going to be our home. That's what got me through the long weeks in Oregon when Carl was stationed in Korea, so I'm super excited!
4. I'm going on the Women's Retreat at Lake Tahoe in April with the church! YAY for resorts in Tahoe City!!
5. And Asher slept ALL NIGHT last night! He's been well since we got a compound prescription from a local pharmacy. Apparently it's difficult to find a compound pharmacy, but the meds worked SO well for him. It's nice to have my happy baby back again for a while!
6. Asher got his first haircut on Friday. Pictures to come!

Happy, Happy Fives... Happy Fives!

The title was in my most sing-song voice :o).

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So far today, I got a load of laundry done, and my one year old washing machine really ISN'T broken (If you have a new front loading washer, there is a small lent trap on the bottom right that should be cleaned out monthly :o). Also, Asher's test results came back (after a few weeks of awful b.m.'s we sent off some samples), and there is no black blood, which indicates intestinal bleeding, only a virus and an infection, which is treatable. I scored whole milk for 2.07 a gallon at Sam's (which ROCKS, because Asher is on half formula, half milk for the rest of the month until we switch him over completely next month). The dog has only had one accident inside today, and it was early morning, so more our fault than his. And... drum roll please... number five: I'm going to have a Gold Canyon Candle party, which I'm really excited about, because I love, LoVe, LOVE candles!!!

Happy Fives

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With my lack of sleep from the time change, and my overall exhaustion from cleaning (a friend's house for a final out inspection), I'm thinking a little "happy fives" might do the trick to improve my disposition.

Today, Grace snuggled with me in my bed while we watched Amazing Race; Asher laughed HUGE belly laughs when I tickled him today; I had a Subway Chicken Bacon Ranch sub (full of unhealthy goodness) which is my FAVE fast food (besides Whataburger, but there isn't one in California); I came home to clean bathrooms (both of them! Thanks Love!); and Riley told me that I'm the best mom in the world, even when I smell like Soft Scrub.

Who could be in a bad mood with a life like that??

Happy Fives

I got this idea from Trishiekoh. The plan is to list 5 things that make you happy everyday, to promote overall positivity. After my last post, I think this brings a good balance :o).

Last night, Carl got up with Asher every time he woke up, so I had a full night of amazingly restful sleep. Laska has only had one inside accident since yesterday morning, so potty training is going well. Riley's teacher called to tell me that he had an AWESOME day at school. That's the first time she's called for something positive :o). I don't have any daycare kids today, so I have the whole day to bake a cake and try my hand at some gumpaste flowers! And finally, American Idol was on last night, and the judges let through a number 13 into the top 12, because he really deserved it. I appreciated it :o).

I don't know if I'll keep this up on a daily basis, but it definitely does help me feel content! This could be catching on!

Toddler's World

Have you ever noticed that there are very few television shows or movies with toddler children? The kids are always 0-1 or 5+. There's a good reason for that. It's impossible to sensationalize the life of a toddler. Everything is about poop and pickles, or naps and naughty behavior. I'm a little disenchanted today, but I'm still appreciating the fact that my toddler hasn't cost $60 dollars for baseball registration, $50 for cleats, $35 for a bat, $35 dollars for a glove, the balls were added into another Walmart receipt, but they were less than $10, and we haven't even started playing yet. When did kids get so expensive. Maybe Carl is right, and we can't afford any more.... I've been looking into Essure, but I'm wondering if it will cause a huge weight gain too. I have a hard enough time battling that on my own. Essure is like a tubal ligation, but without the surgery. It's just as effective as a vasectomy, and even less invasive. We'll see.

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These are not my kids, but I thought the photo emphasized my point well. I bet this mom knows all about that "too quiet" feeling.

Make Believe...

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Yesterday, I let Grace run around the house in her Tinkerbell costume. She always begs me to wear it, but I've never allowed her to wear it all day, or even in public (except for Halloween). But yesterday, I allowed her to. That's a big thing for me. I've always been very particular about my kids being put together, like the perfect portrait for viewing- no spots, tears, or visible frivolity. I don't know what came over me, but it's still here. Today, she's pretending she's at the beach, in her bathing suit :o).

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Cricket for MVP

Cricket is a Cocker Spaniel in the running for MVP for Bissell, from the same breeder we bought Laska from. What a beauty. If you have a minute, there's no registration, and you can vote for her. It does require your email address, but it's only for verification, not for advertisements :o). Thanks!

Here you'll find the everyday musings of life, as I see them, which is probably not the same as you see them... Mother, baker, student, wife and woman, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes in conflict. Enjoy!
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