Greener Grass

My Sweet Riley,

Today was a tough day for you. You learned a very difficult lesson, and I wish it was a lesson you would never have had to learn. Children can be so cruel, and your little life has not been easy. Sometimes I forget that you've only been on this earth six little years because you are such a wise, wise little boy.

You spent this morning playing with your friend down the road, then came back early together, and played with him at home. After lunch, you both went back outside to play, and another friend joined you. Your friend decided he only wanted to play with the other friend, and not you. Riley, you walked your little self in the door, and immediately began to sob. Oh honey, you were devastated. You just couldn't understand why your friend would betray you, or why you weren't chosen. You immediately began to question everything about yourself, and doubt your worth, or your ability to contribute to the friendship. You sobbed that your friend didn't like you, or want to play with you anymore because you're a stupid kid, and you can't run fast, and you can't ride your bike. You said you don't give him enough stuff, and you're not nice enough.

Oh Riley, I wanted so badly to take away your pain, and ban that boy from our house forever. But I know the truth. I know your friend likes you. I know that he's your best friend right now, and I know that you have a heart of service, kindness, and loyalty, so this cut you so deeply. But your friend make a classic mistake, my love. He failed to see the amazing connection that he has with you because another friend caught his attention. Right now, Riley, it's toys and bikes, but someday it will be so much more. And there will be times that you find you will be in your friends shoes, and you'll want to leave behind what is comfortable for something shiny and new.

I hope you remember, sweet boy, how it felt to walk all the way home with such a heavy heart. I hope that you carry that memory, and that you always consider it before you hurt someone else. As I held you, and wiped away your tears, I explained to you all of your wonderful qualities, and let you know what an amazing little boy I think you are. I also prayed that you would be comforted by my love, and that your friend would understand just how badly he hurt you.

The chances are, Riley, he will knock on our door early in the morning, and will want you to play with him. I know you, my kind and loving child. You will instantly forgive his indiscretion in exchange for his friendship. I am so proud of you, my little love. I know you have so much to offer the world, and I know it's times like these that mold you into the amazing man you are destined to be. I love you, Riley.



Gram said...

Oh, my heart is breaking for Riley :( Only because most of us have experienced similar rejection, we can feel his pain. Just remind him that new school years bring new friends :)...And his most faithful fan will soon be there....!

trishiekoh said...

Kids can be so cruel. Poor, Riley, I really hope that his best friend and him will make up soon.

Mels said...


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