Happy Fives, Love

Has it been a week already?? Friday is here, and so it's time for Happy Fives! After a week like this one, I would LOVE the opportunity to release five bright balloons into a grey sky!

1. I haven't had a daycare kid since Tuesday, which has given me a TON of time to spend (and enjoy) my own kids.

2. Grace had gymnastics camp this week, and for the first time ever, I've seen her keep a smile on her face for an hour straight. She was born to be around other people.

3. Asher has known how to shake his head no for a long time, but this week, he learned how to nod his head yes this week. He still gets confused and will start to shake when he means to nod, or nod when he means to shake, but he catches himself... His head is so big that his little nods are overly exaggerated. It melts my heart.

4. Riley is having a sleepover at his friend Jared's house tonight. I'm very glad that he has a friend that he connects well with on many levels.

5. A very wonderful woman that goes to the church we've found in Roseville is organizing a school supply collection to ship to Carl in Iraq for needy Iraqi children. If I get the okay from the hubby, I may post the information on my blog for anyone else who wants to support the cause. This woman has gone so far out of her way and above and beyond all expectation to make me and my family feel welcome in a new place. I am SO thankful for her :o).



Sharona said...

OOh you had some good fives this week!I may have to start back up on my blog...

Gram said...

Hmmm...I'm still looking for that last balloon :) You're wonderful!

lyndseywiley said...

It's been released, probably blocking the flight patterns of a turquoise bird named Grace... :o)

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