Mental Note: Feather Blankets and Sleepovers DON'T Mix

Riley had a friend sleep over last night. The night was rough, because they were both really tired and cranky, but neither wanted to be the first to fall asleep. SO, I separated them, and out they went. Good times- Riley likes to sleep TOUCHING me... I hope his future wife is "physical touch" in terms of love language... I am NOT. I'm a "Gifts and Acts of Service," so the TOUCHING is not so appealing to me, but I digress.

Before Riley came into my bed last night, he decided he wanted to snuggle with the cute little crib sized feather comforter that my aunt gave me a couple of years ago. No problem... Go watch cartoons in your room, snuggle and FOR THE LOVE OF PETE fall asleep! The feather blanket became a distant memory over the course of the night, and apparently ended up UNDER The bed (Riley's bed has rollers on it). When I asked the boys to clean the room this morning- Riley comes running upstairs in a huge cloud of white snow, with a soft white flowing cape. "Mom!!! Look what happened!!!" The bed rolled on top of the blanket, and the kids pulled too hard (instead of asking for help, right?) and ripped, spewing white down feathers EVERYWHERE... And since he brought it upstairs to show me, I now have a snowy down covered floor- everywhere.

The upside: Saturday is floor cleaning day, and the feathers stick to any sort of grime, so at least I know where to focus my cleaning the most...

I'm not convinced that I'm going to miss this someday....


Gram said...

Love your fives :)

trishiekoh said...

Oh no! Hope Riley helped with the cleaning up.

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