So this is the plan...

And I'm sticking to it!

To tackle the physical side of my discontent, I'm going to follow the Body for Life program as closely as humanly possible. While I did find the first chapter of the book kinda cheesy, and I think the website seems like one big fat infomercial, I think that may be because I've taken every class but one that Texas Tech University offers in the art of persuasion, so most of the tactics don't appeal to me (no clue where Riley gets his elitism...). Anyway, Body for Life is not a diet- in the usual terms. While most people say that "eating right and exercising" are the keys to being healthy and losing weight, no one really explains how to do that. Sure, it seems easy right? We all learned the food pyramid in grade school (btw, it's been updated), so we should know these things right? Well I pride myself in knowing some of what I should... but when it comes down to whether peanut butter is "eating right," really, I'm confused... It's a protein... yes? But what about the fat and oils? Could it be considered my lipid too?? SO Body for Life (herein referred to as BfL) teaches the reader HOW to eat right and exercise in an effective manner. It's meant to be a 12 week jump-start program, but you can stay on it forever, because it's just feeding your body the right way, and working out as necessary.

This is what really sold me on the program (besides Carl, who's been successful in the past with BfL): You have to make a tangible list of your goals, and behaviors to read every morning and every evening. It's like a little shoulder angel on the refrigerator for me!

Step 1: Make the decision to change.

And I make the decision to change.

Step 2: Identify individuals reasons for change, and write them down.

1. My kids deserve a mom with more energy, who enjoys them and life more.
2. My husband deserves a wife who is more active than just handing over the kids when he gets home.
3. I'm not satisfied with where I am, physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, so thing HAVE to change.

Step 3: Focus on your future vision.

Focused. It includes being happier, healthier, more enjoyable to be around, having no debt a BS in Social Work, and most importantly, being spiritually sound.

Step 4: Dream of what you would like to achieve within 12 weeks, and transform that into five goals.

1. I would like to lose 30 pounds.
2. I would like to close my daycare by August 18th.
3. I would like to begin my spiritual journey no later than September 1.
4. I would like to volunteer in my children's classes once every two weeks, beginning when school starts August 19th.
5. I would like to put a specific amount of money every month towards debt. That amount is TBD with the husband.

Step 5: Identify 3 unautorized patterns of action that may hold you back from reaching these goals.

1. Cheating on my plan of diet and exercise.
2. Feeling guilty over not watching other's children when they need me.
3. Buying material objects for my children and myself that are unnecessary.

Step 6: Identify 3 new patterns of action that will help you reach your goals.

1. Stick to the plan!
2. Use the amount of money set aside every month towards debt, instead of finding new "necessities."
3. Let adults fend for themselves, and realize that I'm not the world's keeper!

And the final step (because all good things come in 7's) 7: Read what you've written first thing in the morning and again at night each and every day of the twelve week program.

OK... So that's what I have come up with! I am SUPER excited! I'll update with my plan of physical action once I formulate it. That will probably be tomorrow. Three posts in one day seems desperate, yes??


Gram said...

Such organization! Here's cheering for ya'!

Carl said...

Can you feel my pride for you from here...I'm absolutely beaming.

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