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I got tagged by Trishiekoh (I still don't know how to do hypertext! Sorry!!!), and the rules are: to post the fourth picture in the fourth folder on my computer and write about it (how fun!). Oh, and you pass the tag along to others.

This is Grace, emptying out the goodies that Santa left in her stocking on Christmas morning. Notice the two pairs of jammies, pink shorts and short sleeved shirt over blue pants and long sleeved top. This is my fashionista, and the surprises never cease, not even on Christmas morning. She didn't go to bed this way the night before, but emerged this way in the morning :o). That's my Grace.

This is the life!

After Laska gets a nap like this in, I get jealous. Then, I don't let him lick my toes :o).

Little Surprises

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Have you ever come across something that just stops you in your tracks? My cousin posted a picture of my dad's headstone. She's into cemeteries, history, etc., so it wasn't unusual for her to post a headstone photo, but it still left me dumbfounded. Now my mind is swirling with thoughts of his funeral, my family, my great grandmother (who went to his funeral) and passed away recently. Death can become such a preoccupation. Every day I wonder if he would be proud of the person I am, but then I know my dad would be proud of me just because I'm his, as I am with my children.
Then I think of my children, and all they've been through in their short little years. Grace is 3, and has lived in 3 different states, and that's just the start of it. It's weird how one thing that triggers a difficult memory starts a snowball effect, isn't it? Like letting one negative thought out breaks down a dam or at least opens the flood gates... So now, I'm going to patch that dam :o).

Picture Post

Just thought I'd share a few pictures of the family since I'm too lazy (and sick) to actually blog.

Laska, the newest member of the clan.

Asher cheesin' like always!

One of Grace's few decent shots!

And Riley, at his best friend's birthday party!

Keeping up

I'm thinking of adding "sent from my imail" to my signature line on my email. I think I'm the only one who doesn't have an iphone or and ipod touch these days :o). I don't know who these Joneses are, but they move to fast for me!

This morning...

we had homemade blueberry waffles for breakfast! It's amazing how much better the day looks after a full night's rest. Asher slept all night last night, and I am SO appreciative!

25 Random Things About Me...

I was tagged on Facebook to do this... But it took so much time that I couldn't let it sit on just one page. So, for the blog readers, here ya go!

1. I think dishes are the worst chore ever. I'd rather scrub toilets or put away clothes than do dishes, even if it's just loading the dishwasher. It used to gross me out when teachers cleaned overhead projectors while they were on too. I just don't like that messy, wet, mashed up look. It's gross.

2. I never thought I would have kids when I was in high school, now I don't want to stop having children. Carl is my voice of reason. We can't afford to feed, clothe or educate anymore. So I get my fix by owning a home daycare.

3. I'm really weak. Everyone thinks I'm strong, but I'm really not. I just wait until no one is around before I show it. I don't think my kids should have to see me upset.

4. I never tell my kids we can't afford something, or that something is too expensive. Once Riley asked for a swimming pool, and a made up a ton of reasons that we couldn't get one, but I refused to tell him that I would never spend 1000 dollars on an above ground pool. I think telling kids that makes them feel inferior.

5. I always wonder if my dad would be proud of the person I've become.

6. The Little Mermaid is my favorite Disney movie. It was my favorite as a kid, and I make my daughter watch it when she asks for a movie, because it's one of the few that NEVER gets on my nerves. I still know all of the words to all of the songs... OK, I'm not gonna lie... I know all the lines in the movie too.

7. I bought my kids special piggy banks that are divided into 4 compartments: Save, Spend, Donate and Invest. I want them to be financially responsible at a young age because I wasn't.

8. I hate that I'm not a constant in my niece's life. It's the one thing that will never be OK with me about military life.

9. I really want one of these bracelets, but can't even start to spend that much money on a bracelet.

10. I love making cakes, but I never do it for money. I think I'll feel too pressured to do things just perfectly, and won't enjoy it if I let someone pay me.

11. One day, when my cousin gets married, I'm singing our favorite song as kids at her wedding. She doesn't know it, and I can't sing, but I'm going to do it anyway.

12. I'm doing the weight watcher's online program. I'm kind of frustrated with it though. I've only lost 2 lbs in 2 weeks.... Don't they realize I have 18 more to go??? I want to speed things up a bit.

13. My kids put me in my place with their comments, often.

14. I love wedding cake scented anything, but I don't like vanilla scents. Call me crazy, but they ARE different.

15. I'm a Libra. I don't really believe in horoscopes, or predicting the future, blah, blah, blah... but I do have a lot of "typical libra characteristics."

16. I'm getting better about asking for help when I need it. Some of you know what a big deal that is for me :o).

17. I love visiting family, not only because I get to see everyone, but because I get to spend time with my kids that I don't get to spend with them at home.

18. I think God had me in mind when he made my husband. He couldn't be more perfect for me. Even when we aren't happy, we're just right together.

19. I named my daughter Grace, and I feel guilty for it. She is the least coordinated child on the face of the planet.

20. My son is smarter than me... or at least smarter than I was at his age. He amazes me.

21. Every night, I give my kids their "sunshines," (the "You Are My Sunshine" song). I hope I never take it for granted.

22. I LOVE going to amusement parks and the zoo. It makes me happy :o). The beach... not so much.

23. I'm horrible at doing the bills. I always make a careless mistake. Carl takes care of all of the bills, and for that, I am thankful.

24. I love blogging, but I've learned to take time off from it if I'm not completely happy. I can write some pretty insensitive things sometimes.

25. I'm hoping we can move out of this area soon. I like the people here, and the area isn't bad, but I think the region makes my son sick. That sounds a little ridiculous, but I believe it.

Today I learned...

where exactly the tonsils are... I thought it was the little thing that hangs down in the middle, but it's not. For anyone else who may be unsure:

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I'm pretty sure Grace has strep throat. We're going to the doctor at 4:30. When it rains, it pours.
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