So I missed last week, but I wasn't any less thankful, just busy :o).

This week I am thankful for:

1. My season of daycare has ended! If blogs had sound, you would have just heard me say, "HALLELUJAH!"
2. I had creative time in the kitchen this week for a baby shower, and I get more for a church social on Sunday.
3. My mom's flight has been booked for her visit, beginning the 15th. We're all super excited!
4. Tomorrow is Give Parents A Break again! WOOOHOOO!
5. After six months of waiting (and waiting and waiting), our fence application was approved, and we were able to have a fence erected for the back yard- next come the trampoline and swing set!

The picture is the top tier of the cake I made for the baby shower. The bottom was basically the same but with bigger dots, and I wrote on the cake.


Gram said...

You are so gifted! Love your positive contributions :)

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