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Have you ever noticed that there are very few television shows or movies with toddler children? The kids are always 0-1 or 5+. There's a good reason for that. It's impossible to sensationalize the life of a toddler. Everything is about poop and pickles, or naps and naughty behavior. I'm a little disenchanted today, but I'm still appreciating the fact that my toddler hasn't cost $60 dollars for baseball registration, $50 for cleats, $35 for a bat, $35 dollars for a glove, the balls were added into another Walmart receipt, but they were less than $10, and we haven't even started playing yet. When did kids get so expensive. Maybe Carl is right, and we can't afford any more.... I've been looking into Essure, but I'm wondering if it will cause a huge weight gain too. I have a hard enough time battling that on my own. Essure is like a tubal ligation, but without the surgery. It's just as effective as a vasectomy, and even less invasive. We'll see.

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These are not my kids, but I thought the photo emphasized my point well. I bet this mom knows all about that "too quiet" feeling.


Anonymous said...

Count your blessing for all of those messes! Some kids are great toddlers and messy teens. They tend to wreck cars and never come home again. For the parents of those children, I'm sure they'd love to see their toddler make a mess again, just like the one in the photo you posted. Just a different perspective from an old cop and a very thankful mom :)

trishiekoh said...

OMG. What a mess! Fingers crossed I won't end up with messy kids like that!

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