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Yesterday, I let Grace run around the house in her Tinkerbell costume. She always begs me to wear it, but I've never allowed her to wear it all day, or even in public (except for Halloween). But yesterday, I allowed her to. That's a big thing for me. I've always been very particular about my kids being put together, like the perfect portrait for viewing- no spots, tears, or visible frivolity. I don't know what came over me, but it's still here. Today, she's pretending she's at the beach, in her bathing suit :o).

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful. Children grow so much from imagination! Good for you; let her pretend and dream every day that she can while she's little. Childhood dreams become adult inspirations! I wonder how you came to be the imaginative soul that you are? Remember the manikin in San Antonio? And the Cat in the Hat? I would still like to be a winged-horse :)

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