Happy Fives

I got this idea from Trishiekoh. The plan is to list 5 things that make you happy everyday, to promote overall positivity. After my last post, I think this brings a good balance :o).

Last night, Carl got up with Asher every time he woke up, so I had a full night of amazingly restful sleep. Laska has only had one inside accident since yesterday morning, so potty training is going well. Riley's teacher called to tell me that he had an AWESOME day at school. That's the first time she's called for something positive :o). I don't have any daycare kids today, so I have the whole day to bake a cake and try my hand at some gumpaste flowers! And finally, American Idol was on last night, and the judges let through a number 13 into the top 12, because he really deserved it. I appreciated it :o).

I don't know if I'll keep this up on a daily basis, but it definitely does help me feel content! This could be catching on!


Anonymous said...

You're SO blessed :) Love ya' bunches!

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