Happy Fives

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Time for my happy fives!!! This one will be for the weekend, since I didn't update :o).

1. Carl and I had the kids favorite babysitter come over on Saturday afternoon for some much needed adult time. We had PF Chang, and Starbucks. YUM!
2. I made the most perfect Cherry Pie on Saturday. It was gone in one day.
3. We found the most wonderful church that we've both decided is going to be our home. That's what got me through the long weeks in Oregon when Carl was stationed in Korea, so I'm super excited!
4. I'm going on the Women's Retreat at Lake Tahoe in April with the church! YAY for resorts in Tahoe City!!
5. And Asher slept ALL NIGHT last night! He's been well since we got a compound prescription from a local pharmacy. Apparently it's difficult to find a compound pharmacy, but the meds worked SO well for him. It's nice to have my happy baby back again for a while!
6. Asher got his first haircut on Friday. Pictures to come!


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