T Minus 7 Days!

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We'll be in Texas visting Grammy (and Kiki, and Oma, and EVERYONE else). The kids are SUPER excited. I'm making a "kisses jar." I'm putting 14 chocolate kisses in it (because I have 2 kids of eating age), and I'm going to let them eat one kiss each night. When the jar is empty, it's the day we go to Grammy's to get real kisses (on the cheek of course, if you know Grammy!). Wish us luck with the changing of planes in San Diego. We only have a 30 minute layover to get from one plane to the next with 3 kids under the age of 5! Call me crazy, but I'm SUPER excited to travel with them!


Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! Countdown!! Don't worry about San Diego... I think it is about the same size or smaller than Bergstrom in Austin. I LOVE the San Diego Airport... the landing there is breath-taking, though = ) See you soon.

trishiekoh said...

This is a great picture! i love the idea of a kisses jar in anticipation of real kisses. Hope you're having a great time.

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