Happy, Happy Fives... Happy Fives!

The title was in my most sing-song voice :o).

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So far today, I got a load of laundry done, and my one year old washing machine really ISN'T broken (If you have a new front loading washer, there is a small lent trap on the bottom right that should be cleaned out monthly :o). Also, Asher's test results came back (after a few weeks of awful b.m.'s we sent off some samples), and there is no black blood, which indicates intestinal bleeding, only a virus and an infection, which is treatable. I scored whole milk for 2.07 a gallon at Sam's (which ROCKS, because Asher is on half formula, half milk for the rest of the month until we switch him over completely next month). The dog has only had one accident inside today, and it was early morning, so more our fault than his. And... drum roll please... number five: I'm going to have a Gold Canyon Candle party, which I'm really excited about, because I love, LoVe, LOVE candles!!!


trishiekoh said...

You must be so relieved about Asher's test results. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your candle party (sounds fun!)

Anonymous said...

You and yours are in God's hands! What a blessing :) Lately, I have journelled things that worry me, whether it was worth worrying about and whether it was not. Surprisingly, most things are not! Just a perspective from a type A worry wort :) What a wonderful mother you are!

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