My Blessings

When I was younger (before 20 obviously) I said I never wanted children, and really, I didn't. Then I had Riley, and that changed. Then I had Grace, and more love. Then Asher, and my heart grew again. I can't imagine my life without my children now. They are my life. They make my life incredibly challenging, unbearably enjoyable (like that feeling when you ride an roller-coaster and you hit the first drop), and indescribably sweet. I learn something new from them everyday, and find new perspectives that enrich my life just when I least expect it. Children are a testament to God's grace in our lives. On this Mother's Day, I am thankful for my children as individuals, without whom, I would be a sub-par human being, much less a mother.


Anonymous said...

:) "Ditto"

trishiekoh said...

Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day.

Just letting you know I've given you an award because I love your blog!

Dionne said...

Appreciative mothers make the best mothers, so that makes you one of the best!

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