I'll Fly Away...

Yesterday I drove Grace to Roseville for a haircut. At a stop light, she noticed a little flock of birds taking off from a telephone wire. She got SO excited, and said, "Mommy!!!! Look at the biiiiiirds!!!!" She sat there watching them for a minute, then a silence fell over her, and her expression turned blank as we drove off. "Mommy," she said, "I want to be a bird. Why didn't you make me a bird?" So I tried to explain to her that God chose her to be a person, and that people can do lots of nice things for birds, but that I had no control over whether she became a bird or a human, because I am only capable of producing humans, with God's permission. She became very angry, and today, has still decided that she want's to be a bird. Riley has tried to set her straight, but he also has failed. Maybe I should have named her Robin.


trishiekoh said...

AAAAAAAaww, that is so cute yet so tricky, I think you did a good job explaining to her though!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, perhaps a lesson about a bird's diet may change her mind = )Then again, a lesson about a cat's diet may seal the deal!

Mels said...

I miss thinking I could be whatever I wanted :)

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