I'm There

You know that commercial for a financial planning company where there's a red dot, and each person is passing through a certain stage in their life? There's a guy getting married, and the overhead voice says, "Where the brown futon can't come along," and the groom says, "I'm there," while standing on the red dot. Then there's a couple having their first baby... and so on.

Well I'm at this place where I've found things which once meant so much to me, are totally useless now. I'm where some people's opinion would have been really hurtful, just doesn't affect me. And as weird as that sounds, I'm totally happy about it... Where's my red dot?


Anonymous said...

I hope I didn't stick my foot in my mouth again!?!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I LOVE the picture you displayed. What a neat wall-piece that would make :)

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