Can you handle it?

I totally think that's true. But I think people use it in the wrong way. When someone's going through a storm of horrible things in their life, it's inevitable that a friend will throw out the "God never gives you more than you can handle," statement. And nothing could be more true. God never GIVES you more than you can handle. But sometimes, as humans, don't we CHOOSE to take on more than we can handle, and that's when we feel broken? I think friends should be saying, "God would never want you to handle all of this. He would want you to turn to him. So maybe you should evaluate the problems in your life, and give up the situations that you made the bad choice to take on, and rely on God to fix it." Am I way off base? I know this is a little deeper than my usual posts, but sometimes a saying really makes me think :o).

This post is in now way related to any situations in my life. I am actually very happy with our current situations. I am about to start classes again on Tuesday, while still working full time, and raising the kids (which includes extracurricular activities). Also, Carl leaves for Iraq in July, so I'll be managing all of this on my own for 6 months... But I think those who know me best, know that I will need encouragement, but will be fine. Thanks for hearing my rant!


Anonymous said...

Your thoughts remind me of the serenity prayer. You'll do great and God's measure of success is what matters :)


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