You know you live in a weird place when...

- Every time you drive home (on base) you pass a huge white sign, hand painted in red, large, mixed capital and lower case letters, "ThE WhiTe hOrsE iS oLd NOt dEaD lEt heR NaP."

-Twice in one day, you see two different people in public with a urinary catheter, and their collection bag (full) visible.

-It's not uncommon to see an old man with a metal detector in the middle of a torn up road/construction area looking for buried treasures.

I mean really, who wouldn't want to be stationed here??


Mels said...

Lol wow..... I'm loving the first one

trishiekoh said...

That is pretty bizarre...where do you live again?

Indie.Tea said...

Ha, it sounds like a place with character, at least!

Mary Kristine said...

:) I love the horse sign.

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