Happy Happy Fives, Happy Fives

1. I just jumped on the trampoline with Asher, like I did when I was a kid. My neighbors probably think I'm nuts, but it was SO much fun! Sometimes you just have to step out of the box, you know?
2. I bought a new washer this week (by default, I had to), and was able to give my old (18 month old) one to a family with 4 kids that should be able to fix it.
3. Asher is finally feeling better, and slept all night last night. YAY!
4. Riley and Grace started school, and they both LOVE it... so far.
5. I thought my power was going to be off at noon tomorrow for six to eight hours, but it turns out I was wrong, and only a small section of housing will be affected, which is NOT my section! Thankful for little blessings.


trishiekoh said...

These are wonderful reasons to be happy! Have a great week ahead.

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