Oregon Trip

Carl walking with Asher in Carl's parent's backyard.

Gracie cheesin' for the camera

Carl with his parents, Mistie and Wally, and sisters, Sharon and Rhiannon

Carl and Asher again

The WHOLE family

Our family, who is that fatty?

Celia, and cousin Maya, playing with the squirrel

Grace, rockin' the one bow. We couldn't find the other one...

Riley, with cousin William, playing Lego Batman on the DS

Asher, because his future's so bright he has to wear shades :o)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww :) Give them Grammy lovies!
Looks like you all had fun :) See you soon!

trishiekoh said...

Love your captions, you're funny.
Will start working on a little dress design for Grace..how fun! Will let you know when it's ready.

Mels said...

Omg that last pic of A is soooo cute lol. Your hair looks awesome btw :)

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