TuTu Cute!

Soon I will make this for Grace's wall. I'm hoping it comes out just as nice, because they retail for about 60 dollars. Isn't it adorable?! If I like it, maybe I'll make one for the niece too!


Kris said...

You're making it for her wall? Is it like a name plate kind of thing?

lyndseywiley said...

It's got the name as an extra. It's actually to hold hairbows. Hers end up all over the house, so I'm frantically searching for the orange bow, or the brown bow, or the turquoise bow with yellow flowers... Yeah, I realize how ridiculous it is that my life is reduced to this :o).

Mels said...

Time for an update, woman :)

trishiekoh said...

Very nice!
Lyndsey, i would love to have a personalised little dress design card for your little girl. Yes, for free, purely out of the kindness of my heart. because it's a nice thing to do. and also because you missed out on my first giveaway.
What's her favourite colour? (pink, purple?) and what is/are her initials? Let me know and a card will be on its way soon.

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