Sew Crazy

I don't have so much time for words lately, so my pictures will have to do for now. I've been spending most of my spare time (HA! Spare time is so non-existent!) sewing these days... I find myself daydreaming about my next sewing project rather than actually doing what I should be! Anyway, a few of my creations...

An apron for Grace- complete with velcro waist and elastic neck-strap so it's completely kid do-able.

Pillows for the kid's Easter baskets. This is Riley's. Grace's has orange and lime green flowers (bright, like her), and Asher's is Curious George.

Valances for my dining room.

A fun twirly skirt for Gracie...

And a snuggie for Riley (he rolls the sleeves up). I also made a cute monkey snuggie for Asher.


Gram said...

How beautiful your creations are! And God's too :) Every aspect of your life is productive and giving. God has SO blessed me as a mother and grandmother! Love you all bunches!

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