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This is going to be a really brief post, but something I feel strongly about. If you know me, that doesn't happen often. I'm being serious. I rarely have STRONG opinions on anything. I'm pretty middle of the road, and moderate. I tend to see multiple sides of an issue and don't generally pick sides. That's just how God made me.

But lately I feel a little, well, judged. I'm expecting baby number 4, and if you include Carl's daughter, that will make a grand total of 5 kids. Don't get me wrong. I am freaking out a little. 3 children is a lot of work, and I know 4 will be a big adjustment. But, NO, I don't think it's too many, or I wouldn't be having another child. At this point, I pretty much know how pregnancies happen, ya know.

So in my defense of all of the, "the world can't sustain that many children," or "don't you think that's excessive?" comments. I'd just like to say that my children bring me joy in a way that nothing else on Earth does. There is no replacement for family, and I want my children to have a large family. And I don't think it's wrong, or irresponsible to wholeheartedly invest myself, and the majority of my resources in what I absolutely have the most passion for. If someone has a passion for cars, 3 or 4 cars isn't excessive. What about shoes? I'm not likening my children to material possessions. I don't think of them like that. But the happiness that comes from having and raising my children is unmatchable at this point.

If I found something someday that made me as happy as being a mother makes me, then perhaps I would look at investing my time, passion and resources into that (not at the expense of my children of course), but for now, there isn't anything.

Okay, so there you have my STRONG opinion.


laineyruff said...

Amen, Sister!! We are so happy for you and your family and we welcome however many nieces and nephews you chose to give us. :)

Kris said...

Mmm, well, I think you're nuts. :)
But I'm not having any, so you can have my share of the planet for your children. All is well again.

Mels said...

Who is getting all up in your uterus' business? Random strangers or people you know?

You having 5 kids scares me a lot less than most people I know having 1 :) Keep up the good work.

Gram said...

Hmmm...I agree with Lainey's & Mel's posts. I question the quality and intentions of many parents (and I use the term loosely) that have only one or two children. With careful consideration and the Grace of God, this child is on the way :) I'm hoping for a baseball team, actually! You two can love, provide, and educate them; everyone else can just keep their irrelevant sarcasm to themselves. Oopinions are just that - opinions; and most are self-serving! Enjoy!

Love ya'!

Carly said...

what? people are crazy. next time just tell them "i don't think you are trying to offend me, but actually you are." that usually makes them feel terrible and start back-tracking like crazy :) or you can tell them your friend carly is going to beat them up if they continue with sharing those particular feelings with you... that might work too!

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