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Have you ever come across something that just stops you in your tracks? My cousin posted a picture of my dad's headstone. She's into cemeteries, history, etc., so it wasn't unusual for her to post a headstone photo, but it still left me dumbfounded. Now my mind is swirling with thoughts of his funeral, my family, my great grandmother (who went to his funeral) and passed away recently. Death can become such a preoccupation. Every day I wonder if he would be proud of the person I am, but then I know my dad would be proud of me just because I'm his, as I am with my children.
Then I think of my children, and all they've been through in their short little years. Grace is 3, and has lived in 3 different states, and that's just the start of it. It's weird how one thing that triggers a difficult memory starts a snowball effect, isn't it? Like letting one negative thought out breaks down a dam or at least opens the flood gates... So now, I'm going to patch that dam :o).


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, Lyndsey. I guess sometimes it's best to just let that dam break, dispose of the stagnant waters, and build a new, stronger one with love that will hold fresh water - healthy beginnings :) And yes, your father adored you for simply being the precious soul you are!

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